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Everything about Kevin Murphy


The KEVIN.MURPHY brand stands for professional hair care products with a focus on fashion. The products were created by Kevin Murphy, an award-winning hairstylist from Australia. Kevin was not satisfied with the mainstream hair products, he mainly needed weightless products that do not make the hair heavy, but give strength and flexibility and keep the hair in shape for a long time.

Kevin Murphy's shampoos, conditioners and masks are inspired by the skin care philosophy: cleansing, care & nourishment. The styling and finishing products are inspired by the most beautiful catwalk looks. Moreover, all products smell delicious and mainly consist of natural products. Taking care of and styling your hair becomes a wonderful and natural aromatherapy.

The hair products are made from renewable and sustainable raw materials, pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural anti-oxidants. The packaging has a compact design, especially to minimize CO2 emissions during transport. In addition, all KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are sulfate and paraben free!

Kevin Murphy hairstylist


Kevin Murphy is a hairstylist from Australia, VOGUE calls him the inventor of the "beach look". In his long career, Kevin mainly worked in the fashion and film industry. He is one of the most requested and respected hair stylists with an impressive customer list!

Kevin Murphy is internationally acclaimed for his long list of celebrity clients and countless pages in the most beautiful fashion magazines. His career has now lasted more than 20 years and you can safely call him an icon in the hairdressing world.

The choices we make

At Kevin Murphy, we care for the ENVIRONMENT and understand the first of dangerous climate change. We are committed to protecting the environment and use only recyclable or biodegradable packaging.