JOICO SF Flip Turn Volumizing Finish 300ml

JOICO SF Flip Turn Volumizing Finish 300ml

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Volumizing finishing spray, which allows you to spray from any angle - even upside down!

To give your hair a good volume, it is super useful if you can spray under your hair. But then you also have to turn the spray can upside down. Only most aerosols no longer spray so well. With the Joico Flip Turn you don't have that problem! You simply turn this volume spray upside down. Spraying under your hair and lifting your hair has never been easier! This way you can easily give your hair a mega volume all day long!

Advantages of the Joico Flip Turn:

  • The unique atomizer allows you to spray around 360 degrees, even upside down!
  • It dries quickly and does not feel greasy
  • Provides protection against humidity for up to 3 days
  • Provides a strong yet flexible finish
  • Contains AquaLastik ™ technology for flexible hold and heat protection
  • Contains the Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex ™ for strong and shiny hair